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Lehigh Valley Connie Mack

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League Unique Items:

Unique Items:

All Managers must wear a SKULL CAP or a HELMET if no Skull Caps are available. NO EXCEPTIONS.

All Umpires must wear a Connie Mack patch on their shirts - umpiring without a patch you can be fined $50.00 

**See Walt or Justin for a patch they are only $2.50.


BALKS - third to first move (feint to third) is a BALK. CALL IT.

LVCM Sportsmanship Link:     LVCM Sportsmanship Form



2 days before game - contact the coach to verify location & time  AND reach out to your PARTNER to confirm location for parking, shirt color, etc.

Rain - reach out to the coach and confirm field conditions - keep lines of communication open.

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